Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boots Family Collection

Crawfordsville's early history as a land grant office location ensured that thousands of settlers, itching to move west, would take up residence in Montgomery County. Many stayed only a short time before moving on further west, but left a record here as land patentees. The library recently received an unusually comprehensive collection of original documents that provide information about several local individuals, most of them members of the Boots family. 
Among the items received are land patents, dated 1830 and 1831, for Martin Bowers and Thomas McStrain, as well as a document appointing James F. Boots as Sergeant in the 20th Battery Mounted Artillery, Sept. 16, 1862. Indenture deeds and land documents were also given to the library, concerning individuals such as James and Martha Galloway, Leonard Stingley, Eli Boots, Jacob Boots, Rhoda Ann Royer, George and Sarah Smith, James Boots, Sarah Durham, Misnar Irwin, Margaret Irwin, Eli Connell, Thomas and Phebe McStrain. Other treasures include a program from Wesley Academy's 1862 program, and an original signed inscription written by Lew Wallace in the book, "Dedication of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park."

The original items have been added to our archival collection, and, if possible, will be digitized  and made available in the library's image database. Thank you to the donor of these documents, Boots family descendant Richard Williamson. CDPL deeply appreciates his generosity, which will help many future researchers of the Boots family lineage. 

Do you have something of local historical significance to add to our collection? Please call 765-362-2242 ext. 117. 

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