Monday, May 13, 2013

Chadwick Court ... before it had CHEERING fans or walls

Louis Spilman, a CHS grad, landed the first plane in Crawfordsville and kept an amazing scrapbook that has enlightened the Local History Department about so many wonderful events occurring in our fair city.  Numerous pictures, handbills, and even dance cards from Mr. Spilman's scrapbook are located in the Images database.  The one photo that caught our eye was this young man sitting on the Wabash Gym prior to the completion of the walls/roof. (July 29, 1917)  Notice in the background the scaffolding and the ladder.  

According to Wabash College's website, Chadwick Court has been in existence since 1917, obviously not long after this photograph.  There have been changes made to Chadwick Court since this day in July 1917, but the enthusiasm heard when the fans root for their home team is probably just the same as it was for the last (almost) 100 years!  Wabash Always Fights!

To read more about Louis Spilman and his eventful life please stop by to see the display at the library, search the Image database, or read these other blogs ...

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