Monday, August 19, 2013

Waveland Indenture Deed (1842)

The Crawfordsville District Public Library's local history department recently acquired a deed for the land of the Waveland Methodist Episcopal Church dated 31 January 1842.  John Milligan, and his wife Lucinda, donated the land on East Green Street that still houses the "second" church.  John Milligan (farmer in Waveland area worth $20,180 in 1860), Lucinda Milligan and Joseph Milligan (wealthy merchant in Waveland, his land was worth $68,240 in 1860) all signed this document.
The original structure that was erected in 1842, was replaced in 1869 by the building that still sits on this land - unfortunately, this building is no longer being utilized as a church.
This cemetery has over 130 stones (or at least 130 when indexed) with some inscriptions as old as 1844.

The church was changed to a Baptist church in later years.  Additions for a Sunday School and for a kitchen also became part of the building.  The cemetery can be seen in the background.

A portion of the 1842 deed

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