Monday, August 26, 2013

Robert T. Hopkins, Civil War Veteran and slave

June 1916, Indiana Centennial Celebration Pageant

Actors in the Centennial Celebration
Left to Right:
Fred Vance, W.A. Collings, H.E. Biddle, S.P. Templeton, Robert T. Hopkins, Harry Michael, George F. Leonard. 

Montgomery County has an amazing history and Robert T. Hopkins was an important part of this history.  An African American, he was a member of the G.A.R. (Grand Republic of Army), was a Sergeant in the C 118th U.S.C.T. and was discharged in 1866.  Hopkins paid his dues to the G.A.R. from March 1896 (.50 a year) to December 31, 1904.  In 1905 the fee raised to $2.00 per year and he continued to pay this until 1921.  The 1900 Census records show Hopkins as a day laborer.  His wife, Josephine, petitioned The War Department to ensure he had a gravestone upon his death.  Mr. Hopkins was laid to rest at Oak Hill Cemetery in April of 1924.

Other images of the Centennial Celebration can be viewed at the Image Database.

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