Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation ... Past and Present

May and June are that time of year when you get adorable pictures in the mail notifying you of seniors leaving high school.  According to Merriam Webster, graduation means (1) a mark on an instrument or vessel indicating degrees or quantity and (2) the award or acceptance of an academic degree or diploma.  The word graduation was first used in 1594.  It is entertaining to look back at the announcements of the early 1900s.  The hoopla surrounding graduation is definitely more pronounced than 100 years ago, and class sizes (and schools) have transformed due to consolidation and other circumstances.

1925 Darlington High School Class

Unfortunately, the students/school are not identified.  If you have this picture in your family album, please help us to decipher the mystery.

1923 Class, Alamo
Back: Vernet Carlisle, Loren Smith
Front: Ida Fruits, Nellie Kellar, Katherine Truax, Bessie Peacock

Obviously the class sizes are currently larger, the dresses are often shorter, the hairstyles are also quite different, but, in 80 years, those looking at the Class of 2013 will also think..Really?

2012 Graduating Class of North Montgomery

If you have older relatives, sit down with them and learn about their youth. Oral/written history is so important, and if you don't take the time out of your schedule you will miss a Golden Opportunity!  Happy Graduation to all!

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