Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crawfordsville Keeps It Cool

When you sit around the next two hot Indiana months, remember those who lived in our  community 100 years ago.  The Crawfordsville Daily Journal in July 1913 had  advertisements  informing the public:

 "Nothing being equal to an ice box in your home this hot weather," and "They refrigerate perfectly, using but little ice, and are as dainty and hygienic as a china dish." 

Bohn Syphon was the refrigerator of choice in the McWilliams Furniture Co advertisement. McWilliams was located at 124-126 S. Washington Street.

The Alaska Refrigerator was the brand at Barnhill, Hornaday & Pickett. This store was located at 119 & 121 E. Main Street.

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