Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Local History Research

Now in the Reference/Local History Department of CDPL is a display on Local History Research @ Your Library. Local citizens and library staff have always been eager and willing to pursue and publish this county's rich past . . . and this effort has never been more evident than lately. Be sure to come by to familiarize yourself with some historical research. And get ready for the upcoming publication (late March 2012)  Hidden History of Montgomery County by CDPL staff Jodie Steelman Wilson, Emily Griffin Winfrey, and Rebecca McDole. This most recent publication will certainly entertain you with stories and tales of your county's varied and unique events.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here is the Table of Contents from Hidden History of Montgomery County:

The Legacy of the Jewish Tailor of Crawfordsville
Maurine Watkins Makes Satire Out of Murder
America’s First Airmail
Nellie Coutant, Forgotten Photographer
The Sad End of Comedian Ferris Hartman
Crawfordsville's Playwright: Kenyon Nicholson
From Actress to Author: Maude Snyder
The Courthouse Tower Is Going to Fall (or Is It?)
Crawfordsville's Thomas Edison: Shirl Herr
Disgraced Doctors
Carrie Nation Cleans Up Crawfordsville
Elizabeth Boynton Harbert and the Pursuit of Suffrage
Ruth Morgan and the Waveland Vigilantes Foil a Robbery
Wabash College’s Football Fatality
Mary Oda Eglin, "Artist of the Army Air Corps"

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