Monday, March 26, 2012

After Armistice Day

Thanks to a donation, the library now has two letters written to Dr. George T. Williams from his wife while he was serving in World War I. Williams was born in Browns Valley in 1865 and graduated from Indiana Medical College at Indianapolis in 1887. Dr. Williams practiced in Putnam County and in Frankfort before establishing an office in Crawfordsville. He is the author of the book, Pioneer Physicians and Surgeons of Montgomery County, Indiana, and was a regimental surgeon in the United States and France with the 59th Artillery, CAC. He married Mary E. Todd in 1888. George Williams was the county's oldest physician when he died at the age of 79 in 1945; he had practiced medicine for 58 years.

Mrs. Williams writes in a letter dated November 27, 1918:
"...I was so know you was well again, I just felt like you might not be well...I think one has presentiment sometimes and mine nearly always come true. I am so anxious since the Armistice was signed...Are you sure you haven't had any cooties on you, ha. Be sure and don't get a stray in your trunk and bring him across with you...It must seem very still since the big guns have ceased...I would ask you to get a French child but fear I wouldn't make a good foster mother this late in life. I might of once but my nerves have been too shattered to get back where I was when I use to want to take a little child to raise and you thought not...Hoping you have a good Thanksgiving dinner and that the Lord will bless and care for you while in a distant land. With much love and kisses, your wife, Mary. Good Night."

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