Monday, October 18, 2010

Scrapbook illustrates Raybestos history

CDPL has recently acquired a scrapbook of photographs and clippings centering on the 1951 construction of the Raybestos-Manhattan plant in Crawfordsville. The scrapbook, a significant addition to the library's historical collection of local industry information, was prepared by Clarence P. Schneider, the first factory manager of the new Wabash Division. Included in the scrapbook are aerial photographs of the plant under construction, many photographs of the work site, and a copy of the full-page ad purchased by Raybestos-Manhattan that was published in the Journal-Review on January 19, 1951, announcing the plans to construct a local plant. A Raybestos-Manhattan veteran, Schneider became general manager of the Wabash division in 1956, and returned to the Passaic, New Jersey area in 1959.

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