Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Raybestos photos

In addition to our newly-acquired scrapbook of Raybestos photographs showing when the plant came to Crawfordsville in the early 1950s, we have benefited from a generous loan! Mary McClain has just allowed us to digitize dozens of Raybestos photographs she owns, all for the purpose of sharing these with the community. These rare photographs belonged to her husband, Lyle McClain, who worked for Raybestos for 50 years.

This aerial photograph shows the Wabash Division of Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc., under construction in Crawfordsville. The photograph was taken on September 16, 1951.  A barn adjoining the plant building had not yet been torn down. If you want to see more of these historic images, go to our Image Database and search for "Raybestos" as a keyword.

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