Saturday, April 22, 2017

Adding to Our Database and Local Family Histories

    (continuing from the last post)  I recently donated scans of Hostetter family photos to CDPL to be uploaded onto the “image” database on our Local History/Reference page, because I know that I am related to several families in the county, as Anna Marie’s sister, Mary, married Perry Nichols, and had eight children. Many of their families are scattered throughout the county.  If you have any historical pictures of your family that you can identify, we would love to scan them into our database. 
     On the right are my grandmother Anna Marie Hostetter Hatfield's grandparents--Simon D. Hostetter and Catherine Goodbar.  They lived near Ladoga in the 1800's.
     We also have a Family Bible Project database that we would like patrons to add to. Just bring in a Bible that has a family history written in it, we can scan it, or you may donate the book to our archive. We add your information to our searchable database for others to use. Here is an example from a family Bible I found somewhere years ago, that records many people in my fifth-great-grandmother's family. 

      Mathew Thompson, at the bottom, rode in a canoe with his parents Samuel and Catherine from Cincinnati to a spot on the Mad River, in 1796, to be the first white boy to live in Dayton, Ohio. He later moved to Hagerstown, Indiana, to live with a sister, who was the great-grandmother of the Wright brothers! He lived in Ladoga for a while, and then he and his wife, Margaret Gillespie, moved to Remington in the 1860's to live with their son, George, the first postmaster there, and that is where they are all interred. Most of that information I did not find online, but from library research. 

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