Saturday, March 11, 2017

Montgomery Children's Home

     A small but  important part of the history of Montgomery County used to sit on the
west end of town, in what was called Britton’s Glen.” Now it would be on the 1600 block of West Wabash, near Schenck Road. The Montgomery County Children’s Home  was built there in 1894, to replace a building that had burned two years earlier. 
The new building housed homeless, neglected, and orphaned children through the late 1950’s. Throughout its history as a place for these children, the people of our community served the home and the children in many ways. Several doctors were involved in the running of the home, especially Dr. Faye Schenck. He and his wife, who were childless, were close neighbors to the home, and were frequent visitors.  At that time, Mrs. Faye Nutt was supervisor, counselor, and friend for thirteen years to the children that passed through this place. Dr. Schenck later noted that within a few weeks of  “Mom” Nutt’s care, good food, and a clean bed, the newly placed children in the home would fill out, gain strength, and their smiles would return. Mrs. Jon Bir, Mrs. Nutt’s daughter, ran the home after the Nutts' retirement.   Mrs. Hiner ran the home in the 1880’s. Mrs. Roy Dorsey was in charge for two years from 1914, until  Mr. and Mrs. Adam Vancleave of Alamo took over care of the home in 1916. The home was closed in the late 1950’s, and sold to be a nursing home. The building was finally razed in 1972.

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