Monday, January 16, 2017

Building Your Dream Home in 1913

   Continuing on with the “housebuilding in Crawfordsville” theme,” direct your attention to House Design No. 2362.  Does that look familiar?  If you drive on the west end of town, say, on Main Street, you may find several houses that appear to have been built from this plan. In 1913, you could go “house shopping” at Joseph Binford & Sons, 215-217 South Washington Street, and find the house of your dreams.  (This location is now taken by the Crawfordsville District Public Library.)  Find your house, order the truckload of parts, and have it all delivered to your building site.  This is very similar to the “Sears” houses that were popular at the time.

  As we frequently have patrons who are curious about who had lived in their house before, I researched in our Crawfordsville City Directories to find the previous residents of one of these Binford houses in Crawfordsville. You may also use plat maps from several years back to find who owned your land  in certain years.
1914   Reverent B.E. Antrobus    Minister at  First Baptist Church
1924   William A. Shaw  (no vocation given)
1949   Fletcher B. Kerr    Auditor, State Treasury Dept.
1958   Willard Harrison    Allied Van Lines Driver
1971   Clarence Davidson  Officer-in-Charge, U.S. Army Recruiter
(I spoke with the current owner, and had permission to share this information.)

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