Monday, November 18, 2013

"Women's Congress of '97" ... Crawfordsville men play dress-up

Bookshelves hide many mysteries, but this photograph was hidden behind the bookshelf at the Crawfordsville Masonic Temple.  Of course, this picture still contains mystery.  On the back of the artifact it reads "Women's Congress, Athens Chapter '97." These men were members of the Masonic Lodge and presumably were putting on a dramatic event.  Would have been an interesting theatrical presentation.
The names are as follows: Albert Miller, Charles Robinson, William White, Jere West (Judge), Charles E. Lacey, George W. Graham, Charles Snodgrass, Sol Tannenbaum, W.W. Goltra, M. Binford, Dr. W.C. Hessler (Dentist)

Photograph furnished by the Masonic Lodge, dated 13 March 1902

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