Monday, July 15, 2013

Crawfordsville MCMXXVIII

Ever wondered what Crawfordsville was like in 1928 ...

Slogan:           "The Athens of America."

Population:      11,680
Financial:         3 banks and 1 trust company with total resources of $5,100,000
Churches:        15
Industry:          30 employing 900 men and 200 women

City Statistics: 17 miles of total street mileage - 15 of those are paved and 14 miles under construction.  Capacity of water works is 1,000,000 gallons.  The Fire department employs 13 men with 2 autos, 2 engines and 2 hook and ladder trucks in 2 station houses.  The Police department has 7 men with 1 station.

First Hook and Ladder Truck.  O.H. Hill is the driver (the only identified fireman)

This photo and many more can be located by searching the library Image Database.

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