Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bean's Barber Shop

From a recent loan we have received several interesting photographs of the Jolley family. For this image, the donor, Daniel Jolley, wrote: "interior shot of Bean's Barber Shop in March of 1926. My grandfather, Carl Edgar Jolley, is the second barber from the left. In March, 1926, he was not yet 19 years old." 

Mr. Jolley added another image of his grandfather, too ("a photo of my grandfather, Carl Edgar Jolley, standing outside Bean's Barber Shop. It appears to be about the same time as the interior...circa 1926").

We looked for Bean's Barber Shop in our city directories, to see where it was located. The 1926 city directory has Edgar C. Bean listed as a barber, and the shop was at 128 N. Washington Street (where the courthouse parking lot is now). Although this building and these people no longer exist, we can at least preserve an image of them for future generations. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we continue to try to collect and protect the heritage of our county. If you have something for us, consider a loan or a donation!

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