Friday, September 28, 2012

Listen to Your History!

The Reference/Local History Department has started a project that you will certainly find interesting! Over the years, the library has collected a lot of different media: LPs, cassette tapes, slides, VHS tapes, and more. This collection is now safely stored in our archives because we want to preserve the items for future generations. However, we also want them to be accessible. It is your local heritage, after all! Knowing that some day the players needed to play these media may no longer exist or that the media themsleves will degrade, we have begun to digitize this collection. We already digitized two records and several cassettes of oral interviews:

  • Crawfordsville High School: Talking Books (1959 & 1960 Yearbook record inserts with interviews and more)
  • Oral interviews: Local residents (Montgomery County Historical Society interviews with longtime local residents)
  • Oral interviews: World War II veterans (Montgomery County Historical Society interviews with local vets)
You can find our growing effort online:

Technical note: We are making the audio files available as .ogg or .mp3 files in an embedded audio player depending on your browser. Users with older browsers will just see a link to the .mp3 file.

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