Monday, June 18, 2012

200 Years Ago Today: War of 1812

William Miller
On June 18, 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain.  The War of 1812 was also known as Mr. Madison's War (after President James Madison) and the Second American Revolution. Many early settlers of Montgomery County, including Isaac Compton Elston, Ambrose Whitlock, and William Miller, were veterans of the War of 1812.

Ambrose Whitlock
CDPL's Veterans Database includes the names and burial locations of Montgomery County war veterans. You can search or browse the database at If you have information about a veteran not included in our records, please fill out our information request form.

The Saturday Evening Journal dated March 15, 1979 lists Montgomery Residents who had been granted 1812 pensions. The list of pensioners follows:

John Walkup, New Ross
Elizabeth Farlow, widow of William Farlow, Orth
Isaac Naylor, Crawfordsville
Elizabeth Clifton, widow of William Clifton, Pleasant Hill
Joel Hixson, Pleasant Hill
Henry Clement, Pleasant Hill
John Oliver, Pleasant Hill
Zeneth Hallett, Waveland
Alexander McClelland, Crawfordsville
Preston Beck, Darlington
Murwine Wilkinson, Wallace
Margaret Booher, widow of John Booher, Darlington
Mary Endicott, widow of William Endicott, Darlington
Jane A. Warbinton, widow of James Warbinton, Ladoga
Nancy Hall, widow of Elijah Hall, Waynetown
Mary Harter, widow of Philip Harter, Linden
Mary Cunningham, widow of John Cunningham, Crawfordsville
Martha Woodruff, widow of Daniel Woodruff, Crawfordsville
Jemima Williams, widow of Andrew Williams, Crawfordsville
Mary Miller, widow of Jacob Miller, Whitesville
Catharine Fletcher, widow of Robinson  Fletcher, Waynetown
Catharine Fruits, widow of George Fruits
Clarissa Hicks, widow of James Hicks, Alamo
Sophia Newhard, widow of Abraham Newhard, Crawfordsville
Sophia Brasfield, widow of George Brasfield, Crawfordsville
Lucinda Irons, widow of Thomas Irons, St. Joseph, IL

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