Monday, May 14, 2012

Dr. Kirtley and Mr. Hemingway

Dr. James Marion Kirtley
What connection did Ernest Hemingway have with Crawfordsville, Indiana? Dr. James Marion Kirtley made a house call on Mr. Hemingway in France during World War II! Hemingway was a war correspondent and Kirtley was serving in the 4th Infantry Division as a medic. They were bivouacked in a small French town in August of 1944. At the request of Colonel Charles T. Lanham, Kirtley attended Hemingway, who complained of a cold. Being without medicine, Kirtley gave the writer a few aspirin tablets.
Ernest Hemingway
The Deweys Do book club will be discussing Hemingway's book, A Moveable Feast, on Monday, June 11 at 6:30 p.m. A Moveable Feast is a set of memoirs about Hemingway's expatriate days in Paris. You can also read Dr. Kirtley's account of his meeting with Hemingway in his memoirs, Kirtley Kronicles: The Life and Times of James Marion Kirtley, M.D.

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