Monday, April 30, 2012

Staff Research Online Now!

The Detchon family in front of the family home.
The staff research page on the Detchon family is now online! Learn about the life of one of Montgomery County's first doctors, Elliott Detchon. Elliott was a successful businessman as well as a doctor, and also concocted and sold proprietary medicine. Elliott's son Irwin Agnew was also a doctor but actually spent more time on his business and political pursuits than on medicine. Lee Detchon was a local painter whose work you may have seen around town, and you can read more about Esther Detchon's World War I adventure in Europe here! Then check out our image database to see the collection of Detchon family photos that have been donated to the library.

Inside the Detchon home, 1905.
Do you have photos or other items you would like to donate or loan to the library? Email us at or call 362-2242, ext. 117!

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