Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your donations benefit all!

We received a recent walk-in donation of this photograph of law enforcement officials and other dignataries.

Seven police officers in uniform (front row) and four men in formal civilian clothes (back row) pose in front of the General Lew Wallace statue on the grounds of the Wallace study, c. 1931-1934. The identification card included by the donor reads: "left-right:  Paul Branagan, Charles Johnson, Otto Biederstot, Merle Remley, 'IND State Police,' Charles Curtin, Fred Grimes." We have also been able to identify Mayor Thomas Cooksey, who  stands in the back row, third from the left.

We really appreciate such donations because we strive to protect your county's heritage and will work hard to preserve it for future generations -- as we make it available for all to enjoy. Contact us if you have anything you think would make a nice donation (or temporary loan for us to scan) to the Reference/Local History Department of CDPL!

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