Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fine Dining at the Hotel Ramsey

One of Crawfordsville's finest hotels, the Hotel Ramsey, was located on the northwest corner of Green Street and Market Street.

In 1903, Easter fell on Sunday, April 12. If you were staying at the Hotel Ramsey at that time, you made an excellent choice -- especially if you decided to have Easter dinner at this establishment. You had many tasty options! How about starting off with clam chowder before the arrival of your roast prime beef or spring lamb with mint sauce? As a vegetable, you could choose new beets in butter or asparagus tips, among other tasty delights. Apple or chocolate pie with ice cream would make a nice dessert to this meal.

You can see the entire 1903 Easter menu on our Image database by going directly to its 8MB .pdf image: http://history.cdpl.lib.in.us/images/p054-85.pdf 

The Image database (history.cdpl.lib.in.us/imagedb.html) is more than simply a collection of photographs -- its is also where you can find many different types of documents covering your Montgomery County heritage.

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