Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas party -- but where?

Sometimes we come across photos that we can't place for certain -- even if we know the photographer (Hirshburg Studio of Crawfordsville), and several names have been written on the back of the photo. For example, here are some women who worked as telephone switchboard operators, posed by a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus. Are they in Crawfordsville? Where was this picture taken? When? Maybe you can help further identify this photo. The women are: Bottom Row (from left to right): ---, Thelma Johnson, ---, Barbara Westfall, ---, and Bertha Stark; Second Row (from left to right): Stella Hybarger, Gertrude Rafferty, Katherine Cope, "Santa," Carolyn Keeling, and Marie Mayer; Third Row (from left to right): Louise Carroll, Mildred Moore, Pearl Burkett, Mary Travis, Miriam Plank, Jane Scott, and Mary Galloway; Fourth Row (from left to right): Dorothy Holland, Pauline Hamm, Margaret Everhart, Anna Hartung, Ruby Rush, and ---. If you have any information on the people in this photo or the year/location of the party, please let us know! (e-mail or call at 765-362-2242 ext 117).

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