Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meredith Nicholson inscription

In our archival storage we hold some of the earliest copies from works by local authors. One such work is by Meredith Nicholson (1866-1947), The House of a Thousand Candles (1905), which was a best-seller in its time. In the front of this book we discovered an original note by the author, written in 1933. In this note he states: "Inscribed for Minnie Campbell May, In the happy remembrance of old times in Crawfordsville, my birthplace, and in particular of her father, who was my father's friend -- and mine. Dear are my memories of the old town, and precious the recollection of its good people. I never think of it without emotion and it shall be so to the end of my days. Faithfully yours, Meredith Nicholson. September, 1933"

Wikipedia biography of Meredith Nicholson
Several works of Nicholson were also made into films: Internet Movie Database filmography

You can also check out a circulating copy of The House of a Thousand Candles @ CDPL!

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