Saturday, January 26, 2013

Woman holding a parasol -- identified?

We recently obtained a photo postcard with the image of a young woman holding a parasol, standing among many trees.

The reverse of the postcard bears the message: "Dear Mrs. Chase We will be home the latter part of this week and can fully enjoy a rest. Looking forward to see you I am With best wishes Mrs. Burns." Addressed to Mrs. Jim Chase, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Postmarked September 15, 1908.

In 1908, the only family named Burns in the city directory was P.H. and Zerelda Burns, with a daughter named Anna, who lived at 308 W. Wabash Avenue.

Could this be Anna Burns? If you look closely, the woman is standing in front of a street, which may be Wabash Avenue, because it appears that the Wabash College Arboretum is in the background, across the street.

Here is the approximate location today, as seen in Google Street view, looking south from 308 W. Wabash:

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Genealogy Club of Montgomery County

Genealogy Club of Montgomery County
"After Hours Genealogy Research"
5:00 - 9:00 pm
Friday, January 25, 2013 the Crawfordsville District Public Library

Pizza Supper and Research -no charge- donations accepted towards pizza.
  • 5:00 pm Pizza, Donnelley room, lower level
  • 5:45 pm Research in local history and reference area, 2nd floor (no time limit on computers)
  •  9:00 pm final closing. Advanced arrival [Before 5:00 pm] is required. 
Library is locked at 5:00 pm. Visitors are welcome. Please confirm your expected attendance by Wednesday, January 23rd 765-362-2242, ext 118 or

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fire Department Photograph Donated

This 1920s photograph of the Crawfordsville Fire Department was used in Pat Cline’s “Crawfordsville: A Pictorial History” (page 104-105)  in 1991, but anyone searching for an original would have been out of luck. Although the image is quintessentially Crawfordsville, the library has never had a copy of the photo that was worthy of reproduction -- until now. After purchasing an original of this photograph, Dr. Robert Rhode contacted the library to verify the photograph’s history, and once the location was confirmed as Crawfordsville, generously supplied us with a high-resolution scan of his original. Thank you to Dr. Rhode for his lovely addition to our collection of historic Montgomery County photographs. If you have a photograph relating to the history of Montgomery County that you would allow us to scan for digital preservation in our collection, please contact the Reference and Local History Department at 765-362-2242 ext. 117.